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Be Present in the Moment

Be present in this moment before it passes you by because there are no do overs in real life.  Relish the moment that you are in now.  When it is gone, it is gone.  Do not worry about what has happened in the past or what may be happening in the future.  Focus on the now and stand still in it.  Relish in it.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Live in it like it is your last moment and be thankful for it!  Should you be so blessed to live to see another moment, then be present in it again.

Living in the moment,


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My D-Day Rembrance

June 6th marks the anniversary of a day known to most as D-Day.  D-Day is actually a military lingo term that means the day an important event is to begin.  We tend to use it in our everyday vernacular.  However, it’s synonymous with the day President Eisenhower headed the operation that led to the liberation of German occupied France.

U.S. troops huddle as they near the beach.  (cnn.com)

U.S. troops huddle as they near the beach. (cnn.com)

The Allied invasion of Normandy consisted of not only the United States but Canada, the Free French Forces, and the United Kingdom.  The operation began with overnight parachute landings, air attacks, and amphibious landings.  It was the greatest airborne and amphibious operation of all times.

I had previously learned about this World War II operation; yet when I had the opportunity to visit Normandy it was a surreal experience.  Today, on the 71st anniversary, I reminisce about that visit.  I remember looking toward the ocean and using my imagination to visualize what the shores must have looked like.

American troops storm the beach of Normandy. (cnn.com)

American troops storm the beach of Normandy. (cnn.com)

I remember feeling a presence in my chest at the thought of soldiers battling in the nighttime ocean water.  I also remember visiting the American cemetery there and learning that it was not just a memorial, that some American soldiers were actually buried where I stood.  I couldn’t help but think of their loved ones back at home.

My dad is a veteran and I am very thankful to him for his service.  On today, I wanted to take a moment to recognize our veterans and their families, especially those of World War II.  From the most sincerest place in my soul, thank you!

Thank you!

Anissa N. Graham-Davis

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Summertime Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

summertimeWith summertime fast approaching, outdoor activities increase.  These activities may include swimming, biking, boating, gardening, sports, home repairs or teen driving.  Participating in these activities can lead to injury if proper safety precautions are not taken.

Listed here are a few friendly reminders.  Do not swim alone.  Bike with a helmet and use hand signals when biking on streets or highways.  Become familiar with new gardening equipment before use.  Ask someone to hold a ladder you may climb when making house repairs.  Require teenage drivers to place their cell phones in the glove compartment while driving.

Whatever you do, slow down, take precaution and put safety first!  Avoid injury and enjoy the summer!

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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Be sure to thank your teachers for all that they do. I believe that it takes a special and unique person to be a successful teacher and I am so grateful for all of the teachers that have had such a positive impact on my life. I would like to personally thank you and others who have the gift of teaching and are excited to share knowledge. THANK YOU!!


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2014 North Carolina Voter Guide

2014 North Carolina Voter Guide. A good source for candidate profile/information by district.  #voteearly

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Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Social Media Detox?

Webster defines social media as “forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos).” Detox is short for detoxification which means the removal of toxic substances from a living organism. There are different references that can be made to detoxing.

My definition of social media detox is “the process to reduce symptoms of obsession with electronic communication for the purpose of sharing data via online communities.” I only subscribe to this type of social media detox for symptoms that include, but may not be limited to, one or more of the following: 1) it causes your mood to negatively change after constant exposure (sad, angry, and/or bitter), 2) you feel drained after reading or contributing to social media, 3) you realize that you hit the send button too soon… all the time, 4) you feel a need to write a thesis to make your point because no one else gets it, 5) your view of people in general is one of disappointment and disgust based on what you read, 6) you are looking for affirmation from others, 7) you fail to notice that your time management skills or the lack thereof has become an issue with regards to social media, 8) you become less productive because you’re afraid that you are missing something on social media, 9) your perception of your self-worth decreases because you don’t think you’re as popular as you should be, or 10) you experience jealousy because you compare yourself to your “friends.” I won’t go into the realm of possibilities as it relates to the legal arena here. I’ll save that for another day.

Of course, none of the aforementioned applies to anyone to whom I am connected via social media. I am, for the most part, inspired by what’s on my feed or posts made by others. Majority of the time what I experience by reading, viewing, or listening to is enlightening, humorous, caring, or thought-provoking. For that, I am thankful!

Finally, I am only suggesting that detoxing is a good thing especially if the purpose is to remove something that may not be so good. Life as it is can be challenging. So, why add to those challenges if you don’t have to do so. Know yourself. Take care of yourself; and take action if any of the symptoms mentioned above rear their ugly little heads!

Anissa N. Graham-Davis, Esq.

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‘Love my dress’ Facebook selfie puts police on trail of shoplifting suspect

It didn’t take long for police in a small Illinois town to identify a suspect in a recent shoplifting case.After an eye-catching leopard-print dress with hot pink and lime green accents was stolen 10 days ago from Morties Boutique in West Frankfort, the store put up a Facebook post about the theft, which had been captured on store surveillance. Within hours, someone forwarded to the store owner a Facebook selfie by a woman wearing a very similar frock, the Chicago Tribune reports. She posted

via ‘Love my dress’ Facebook selfie puts police on trail of shoplifting suspect.